Trying to get back on track

After last week’s decadence, I decided I needed to be stricter with myself this week and get everything going back in the right direction with my eating and my exercise. I guess that will have to begin anew next week because I didn’t seem to be able to stick to anything this one. I did make it to the gym for four out of five nights with vegan runner buddy and I got in some kayaking last Sunday with my fitness pal and Dan. It didn’t really offset the ten million cookies I ate while preparing a treat for my office in honor of the Bruins making the final round of Stanley Cup playoffs, the round of treats vegan runner friend and I picked up at Trader Joe’s (they make soft vegan snickerdoodles that you literally can’t resist devouring the entire box of), and all of the other cheaterly foods I consumed.

We tried a local/natural restaurant for lunch after our kayaking adventure (I had this awesome penne/butternut squash/browned butter deliciousness that I ate half of and left the rest for Dan), and then strolled around the town and had ice cream at a small place (I couldn’t pass up kulfi ice cream in a size called “micro”).


Kayaking, aka two idiots in a boat!


Capping off the day with a hipster-rific photo of my Starbucks.


I used Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe for Black and White Cookies and a Wilton golden yellow gel dye to make the white portion gold in honor of the Bruins. I didn’t have any regular milk so I used unsweetened almond milk, which worked fine. This is one of the best recipes I’ve seen for these cookies because it meets my criteria: soft and cakey with lemon incorporated somewhere in there, and icing rather than mounds of frosting.


I’m going to blame the torrential rain we had all week for my weakness. The sun came out in full force today and brought the warm weather with it. My friend and I took an outdoor yoga class, visited an adjacent farmer’s market (from which we purchased cupcakes for breakfast – in my defense, mine was vegan!), and then had an outdoor lunch and did some shopping and strolling.



Raspberry-lime-vodka deliciousness on an outdoor patio with a HUGE outdoor bar in the background? Yes please!


I made some lovely Roasted Balsamic Veggie Wraps (omitting the chicken and using multigrain lavash wraps) for our dinner one night, and tonight I whipped up Chocolate Covered Katie’s Snickerdoodle Pancakes for One for my own dinner! How can you resist something sugar-free and vegan and so low calorie? And covered in cinnamon (aka my favorite spice in the universe)!



Have you seen the new research regarding Splenda? It’s been linked to leukemia in mice and it’s been downgraded as a safe product to “use with caution.” I told Dan we were going to go exclusively to stevia/Truvia (we use it in most things now, anyway, but Splenda is in literally everything these days that’s artificially sweetened because it’s supposedly much safer than Sweet ‘N Low and Equal). Vegan runner friend says none of it is safe because you don’t just get things in life like “sugar” without calories and expect them to be without catches. He says anything with any controversy over it is probably a bad idea because “have you ever heard any controversy over (something like) spinach?! No.” He’s hardcore.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day! I sent out my cards already and we’re going to see my father-in-law tomorrow. I’ll close this post with hope the Bruins can somehow pull this one out (I do believe they’re losing as I’m typing – yikes!) and a photo of some cute little dinosaur cookies I saw in a coffee shop today that made me smile. Happy weekend 🙂



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