A lazy week

I’m going to admit right off the bat that I only went to the gym twice this week. I’m also going to admit that I had a donut twice this week, that my weight has gone up a wee bit, and that I probably had more alcohol than I should have in the past week. The environment at work has been a little charged with some changes going on that are stressful, and we’ve been seeing friends and watching the Bruins play in various locales. It all adds up to me being weak-willed, tired, soggy from all the rain here in the Northeast, and ultimately with a dud of a week on this diet. I’ve had an absurd amount of Greek yogurt out of sheer apathy and a lack of desire to cook dinner.

Oh, well, it’s only one week in a string of many successful ones this year! We’ve been on our diet for about six months now, and I’d say in the grand scheme of things, a week like this one doesn’t make much difference. We did kayak last weekend and we have plans to do it with a friend tomorrow at the same rental location. I averaged running about half of my workout both the times I did get to the gym for a treadmill stint. I’m getting stronger, however slowly.

I delved again into using tofu for a meal for myself one night (lite firm tofu), cutting the recipe in 1/4 to make it a single serving. Even though I didn’t have any cauliflower, this recipe for tofu and chickpea curry came out well and was filling.


To backtrack, in my last post I mentioned how I needed better popsicle molds. I bought them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and whipped up what was essentially a smoothie mixture (some vanilla non-fat Greek yogurt, vanilla Polar seltzer, peaches, strawberries, and a splash of almond milk blended in my Ninja) and froze them overnight with a great deal of success!


This afternoon, I made homemade no sugar added vanilla bean Greek frozen yogurt in my little machine! I took a 32 oz. container of non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt (just Stop & Shop brand), 1 tsp. vanilla extract, the seeds scraped from one vanilla bean, and about 1/2 cup of a stevia baking sweetener (measures cup for cup like real sugar, supposedly), stirred them together and churned for about 10-15 minutes in my machine. The concoction tastes great and is freezing to a firmer texture as we speak! The only real calories come from the yogurt, which is protein packed and non-fat!


I made Dan and myself sugar-free vegan coffee light Frappuccinos (based on this recipe) last night, too! I used unsweetened almond milk, strong brewed iced coffee, and Truvia, doubled everything and blended in my Ninja! It really did taste just like the real thing and it couldn’t have been more than about 50 calories per serving!


We also had meat for dinner twice this week! I don’t work much with lean ground chicken, but a recipe for Greek Chicken Burgers was too good to pass up! I skipped making the onions and opted for plain ones and most importantly, we skipped the buns and used large pieces of Boston lettuce instead! I also halved the recipe to get three servings because we didn’t need six. I made a chili with the remainder of the package of chicken (no photo, I forgot!), subbing veggie broth for chicken and 1/2 a red bell pepper for the poblano.


I’ll end by showing you the yummy yogurt bowl we had at a cafe for brunch last Sunday and some Bruins gingerbread cookies I saw in our local cafe’s bakery case! Go B’s! Have a wonderful weekend!




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