Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

It was another busy week for us this past one, but the weather was so sunny and beautiful that it was hard to focus on anything but thoughts of summer! We had our Bruins Stanley Cup playoff game, which was a great game (and they won against the Maple Leafs, 4 to 1), but on a Wednesday, so it kicked both of our butts. Dan got his usual little chicken finger basket, and I had coffee and some hummus and pretzels (I just didn’t feel like the $8 beer and a hot dog. Did that at the Sox game with not such good results the following day). It’s getting harder to work full time and get enough sleep while doing things on weeknights. Can’t pull it off like we could in college anymore.



My vegan runner buddy and I did some exercising together, too! We tried to go to the local track one night, but the high schoolers were using it for track practice, so we ended up at the gym. We did manage to find some trails near work to do some light jogging/exploring on another night, though!


I did some healthy cooking, mainly in the form of salads and pitas stuffed with salad. No recipes, really, just me throwing together veggies in an oat and flax pita or a square, 100-calorie lavash type pita bread.


We had an amazing brunch fruit and yogurt parfait spread this morning, and took advantage of Frappuccino happy hour this afternoon for some light treats!



I made us a Red Lentil-Pumpkin Soup from Cooking Light for dinner. I omitted the pumpkin seeds and the fresh cilantro (for which I subbed dried cilantro), and used ground ginger in place of fresh. I got to use my Ninja to puree the soup base, which did a nice job of getting everything super smooth. Dan gave it a nice review and there was enough leftover that he can have a pretty filling lunch tomorrow!


I’m proud to announce that my $1 strawberry plant kit from Target is actually growing! It’s been sitting between the screen and glass in our sunny front window, and the other day a tiny leaf popped out and I couldn’t believe it! I’d love to grow my own fruit!


Finally, I did some baking for my office for Cinco (well, tres, it was Friday) in the form of Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes! I used this recipe for the cupcakes and this recipe for the cinnamon buttercream. I didn’t like the idea of using a whipped cream frosting on something that was being transported the next morning to work and that would be sitting on a table for most of the day. I found a chile-cherry chocolate bar at Whole Foods and garnished the final product with the shavings of it, and the “dulce de leche” filling ended up being sugar-free (got that by accident) caramel sundae syrup (would have rethought that, in hindsight, and used something MUCH thicker). They were a moderate success at the office. I think everyone is still on their diets. Oh well.




I tried that Pinterest recipe for banana-strawberry creams (aka smooshed banana, Greek yogurt, and almonds spooned into a hollowed out strawberry) as a snack the other night, substituting organic unsweetened coconut for the almonds because I didn’t have any. It was kind of weird and the texture didn’t really seem right. Can’t pass up a “healthy” snack on Pinterest, though! I also made a single serving funfetti cupcake (I believe it’s a membership recipe on Dashing Dish), for 85 calories that I forgot to photograph, but it came out delicious and kept me from breaking into the office cupcakes that were leftover! Dan and I indulged in soft-serve self-serve froyo last night (I got the classic tart and smidges of sugar free chocolate, carrot cake, oatmeal spice cookie, and berries) and I took a trip to Ikea as well (but didn’t buy anything, first time ever, because I was helping my friend pick out a couch).


Our 5k is THIS COMING SATURDAY! The forecast keeps changing from rain to no rain and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t feel well-prepared, but I’m going to go out there and do the best I can. I’ll probably have race results the next time I post! I completely forgot to mention – I did a beginner yoga class all by myself yesterday morning at a local yoga studio! I’ve never done a class on my own before, but everyone kept telling me if I could do the gym alone, I could do a class. It was a fundamentals class, focused on doing basic poses correctly and not so much on flying through a bunch at a quick clip. The teacher was very nice and funny, and I was the youngest person in the class (my town is not really full of a lot of twentysomethings…it’s too expensive to live here and we just got lucky with our place), but I don’t think I was the biggest beginner!

I am going to strive to fit in more yoga and more Pure Barre when the 5k is over with! With the weather turning nicer, there will be more opportunities to hike and walk and go swimming in my best friend’s pool. We also have a boat on the lake my parents live on back home (my uncle’s boat), and that is awesome to spend a few hours on and get some sun. I have a baby shower to attend in a few weeks for my first college roommate (I cannot believe we’ve been friends for 10 years), so I’ll get a chance to go home for the first time since Christmas!

Long post, sorry! Enjoy the sunshine!


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