Frost Farm, Fenway, and Old Sturbridge Village

So much has happened since I last posted (I’m a little late on this one due to sheer volume of activity). Most importantly, the second suspect in the Boston bombings was caught last Friday night and we can all breathe a little easier knowing he’s not out there anymore. The images on TV of the crowds in Watertown cheering and thanking all the police were good to see. Watching Neil Diamond sing “Sweet Caroline” at a Sox game was pretty cool, too. Watching Dan’s classmate’s funeral on a live stream on my computer at work was pretty heartbreaking. He wasn’t able to go as it was only open to MIT students and police personnel. It was a beautiful day, and the Vice President gave a nice speech, and James Taylor was there to play an acoustic version of one of his songs. From what I’ve heard about Sean Collier, he was a good, kind person and deserved all of the effort that was put into the memorial.

I set about the task of keeping Dan busy. We walked the track at a local high school one day, and took a trip up to the Robert Frost Farm in Derry, NH, another day. It was chilly, but worth it to see Dan smile and forget his troubles for a bit. We celebrated his father’s 60th birthday with dinner at his favorite restaurant, and cake (which I made to his mother’s suggestion in flavors – just a yellow cake with chocolate frosting). I put a “Ferrari” on top because he’s always wanted one.


Throughout the week, I looked forward to this weekend that is ending. We actually ate a lot of salad, both homemade and purchased, and I made it to the gym four out of five nights. It would have been all five, but I packed an embarrassing tee shirt by accident and ended up going home and skipping it after the traffic frustrated me. I found out about a fundraiser being held at the Pure Barre location near work, and signed up for a class first thing this morning. It was my first time trying that way of exercising, and I have to say, even though I was out until after midnight last night and it was a 7 AM class on a Sunday morning, I felt good afterward. My legs were shaking and I could feel my abs working the whole time. I don’t really understand “tucking” yet. After the 5k is over in a few weeks, I might see about taking the PB classes more often to get my legs and core better toned.

To backtrack, we did drinks and dinner at the Yard House in Boston last night, and then headed over to Fenway to watch the Sox play the Astros (they won)! The atmosphere was relaxed and happy, which was a huge relief. I worried that I would be thinking too much about everything that had happened to enjoy myself, but I didn’t feel nervous at all. It felt like home and like it always has. My two friends came with Dan and I, which made it all the more fun and lively. If you’ve never tried drinks from a Yard House location, I suggest you find one. I had some Wachusett Blueberry with actual berries floating in it, and an Atwater Vanilla Java Porter (it is all the things its name implies and more), along with some Korean mini short rib tacos (splurge, but I didn’t care! We walked around the city a little bit)!

Small beers and Fenway Franks were on special at the ballpark, so we definitely took advantage. It got super cold out and we had a train to catch, so we left a little early, but the Sox won anyway!


I love being with my friends and Dan and just enjoying a night out. I am amazed I managed to get to that PB class, and amazed at how fast I drank that venti iced sugar-free cinnamon coffee from the neighboring Starbucks! I made myself a nice parfait for breakfast to go with it (about 3/4 cup non-fat, vanilla Greek yogurt, a few sliced strawberries, a tbsp. of unsweetened coconut flakes, and a few semi-sweet chocolate chips because I was craving chocolate), with protein from the yogurt for muscle recovery!


Dan went to play tennis while I tidied the house and got ready for our adventure at Old Sturbridge Village! My friend Katie, who I have known since I was six and who recently moved to Massachusetts, got us in for free through her work, and even though we are WAY older than their target demographic, it was 70 and sunny and we had a BLAST! Dan loves history and interactive exhibits, and you get so much fresh air and exercise while you learn that it’s worth skirting hordes of overeager children to see everything.


We stopped at a British Beer Company location for our late lunch/early dinner, where I treated myself to another Wachusett Blueberry (a light and lower calorie beer, actually) and a Wensleydale and Anjou Pear Chicken salad (only ate half, no dressing, and saved the rest for Dan to have for second dinner. He’s like a hobbit). We ate outside in the sunshine and soaked up all the fresh air and Vitamin D that we could.



At the end of a great weekend I have a sunburn, sore abs, a new “Boston Strong” Bruins tee shirt from the Pro Shop (net proceeds to the One Fund), some new stone ground mustard for Dan from Sturbridge, and a deeper appreciation for the peace and sheer happiness that comes with being with friends on a sunny day. I know I’m not completely at ease with everything in the world just yet, and I may never be, but at least I have great people around to cheer me up and share a beer with. Or two 🙂



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