I <3 Smoothies

As the title of this post would imply, I’m on something of a smoothie and shake kick. Ever since I bought my lovely Designer Whey Vanilla Protein Powder, I’ve been looking for creative ways to blend it into things. We had those pumpkin pancakes a week or two back, which were decent, but I was still kind of aware of the powder in the texture of the pancake. I know shakes seem like the obvious choice, but if you don’t mix the right flavors, you can still taste the powder. I love the blog Dashing Dish, because she uses the Designer Whey (it’s actually where I discovered it and then found out my co-worker had recently bought it locally at Trader Joe’s, while I’d bought mine on Amazon), and cottage cheese as her protein sources. Pretty clever.

She says you can’t taste the cottage cheese, and you pretty much can’t, although you do get a bit of an almost-bite to your shake. Still, they’re pretty darn tasty. I made her Strawberry-Banana Protein Shake using frozen bananas I had in a baggie in the freezer and fresh strawberries. I used Friendship Whipped Cottage Cheese, which has a nice flavor and isn’t overwhelmingly cottage-cheesy. Does that even make sense?


The second shake I tried out made enough for two servings, so Dan got to have it for dinner as well. First dinner, anyway. Mango-Strawberry Protein Shake sounded like a perfect use of the frozen mangoes and the end of my fresh strawberries, as well as my protein powder. I didn’t add the extract because it seemed weird and unnecessary. Dan enjoyed it and I’d have smacked him down and swiped his, too, if I could have.


Tonight, I made my own creation! I wanted something thick and fruity. This is the recipe I came up with:
1 1/4 cups unsweetened almond milk
1/2 small frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1/2 cup frozen mango chunks
1 scoop Vanilla Designer Whey Protein Powder

Toss in a blender and buzz until smooth! It makes enough for one generous smoothie or two smaller ones, with the total calories at about 270. Not too bad!


We had Panera salads one night, and this yummy Chicken with Spinach and Mozzarella another night. I cut the amount of meat to about a third of what it calls for, used fresh red bell peppers, and divided the full amount of veggie topping and cheese among the 8 oz. or so of chicken to make two good-size servings. Dan enjoyed it and we were both full and satisfied!


I had some exercise adventures this week, too. I forgot to eat lunch/was stressed out one day and went to the gym on an essentially empty stomach. Huge mistake. I was nauseas and could barely move at a saunter. Another night, my workout pants SLID DOWN MY BUTT and almost fell off because they are too loose now, so I couldn’t run and I had to disappear to the locker room while my machine was running to pull them up. Bad workout. This weekend, I am going shopping with my friend for some new, properly fitting workout clothes. And maybe some new spring pants, perhaps in a different size? A smaller one? I’m feeling good about my weight loss, but still behind on training for the race. Dan and I have decided we will walk/jog to Starbucks while the weather is nice tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll pick up some of this AMAZING looking Voodoo Donut Beer I saw the other day (to share with my friend, of course, who is is gung ho about visiting the actual Voodoo Donuts out west as I am)!


Oh, and a random photo of me being a total poser on our Easter walk in town last weekend! Just about four months back, the pants I’m wearing would not come close to zipping!


HAPPY WEEKEND (FINALLY)! Get out there and get some fresh air!


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