Milestones and Guinness

It’s been a long week. It’s so hard after having several four-day weeks in a row to go back to a normal length one. Time seemed to drag on, especially since I knew I had a day in the city to look forward to today! However, I still managed to get to the gym every weeknight, and the milestone I mentioned above is that the skinny leg jeans I bought about five months ago were finally the right size for me to wear out today! This was a relief, as my other pairs are not quite narrow enough to fit inside my riding boots without bunching up (I’ve seen this referred to as “creepy bunching” before. I hope nobody thinks I’m legitimately creepy).

I did some odd cooking in the nights leading up to now. We had some repeat meals, like the Eating Well chili for two that I’ve made before, except this time I used chickpeas instead of black beans because I ran out. I also mixed in about half a green bell pepper, chopped up.


I also tried my hand at a disastrous batch of Greek yogurt pancakes. I ended up making them twice because the frozen mixed fruit in the first batch was too frozen and not finely chopped, which made them break and scorch. I dumped them and used the end of my fresh blueberries. They still came out weirdly this time, I’m not sure why. Still on a pancake kick, I made a “two-ingredient” pancake for myself one night. It’s mashed bananas, an egg, and whatever mix-ins you like. I used blueberries. The taste was eggy and kind of gross. You can find the recipes all over Pinterest.


I also repeated the mushroom-herb chicken I’ve made before, but for some reason it came out pretty dry and tough. I think I was too exhausted from the gym to make anything come out right. FINALLY, last night, I decided Dan and I were going to have a nice Friday dinner, filled with ingredients he likes. I chose this Broccoli & Goat Cheese Souffle because it contained broccoli (Dan’s favorite veggie), and because it seemed elegant and still healthy. Souffle is a project (I’d never made one before). There is a great deal of egg-separation and whippery. I never know when a peak in egg whites is “soft” or “stiff.” I’m not sure I even got it right, because the finished souffles seemed almost too airy and insubstantial, but hey, I got to use my Corningware ramekins and they puffed up like they were supposed to!


Today was our visit to Boston. Firstly, the train tickets have gone up two dollars, and there is no family fare option anymore. Secondly, it was Bruins gameday, so the station was jammed with people. We also switched our lunch plans at the last minute and ended up meeting for what turned into brunch at a restaurant called Max Brenner. They specialize in chocolate-themed drinks and food, and they have a cute giftshop at the front if you want to browse while you wait for your table. I eschewed the very tempting chocolate drinks and mimosas and got a light beer and a supposedly “guiltless” omelette. Even though it was a veggie omelette, it came with home fries and a sugared biscuit with chocolate dipping sauce. I left a good portion of the home fries and the biscuit to Dan. I resisted savory and sweet crepes and torturously good looking waffle sandwiches. Darn you tasty tasty brunch foods!



We puttered after that for a bit, and Dan wanted to watch the Bruins game, so we dropped into an Irish bar called Solas for a Guinness. We actually ran into one of my coworkers and his fiance, which was so random, but shows that it’s really a small city and you can see people you know anywhere! I took tourist shots because that’s what I do!




We attempted to visit the new Georgetown Cupcakes location on Newbury St. but the line was around the corner, so we stumbled upon a cupcake truck for another cafe by accident while looking for the subway entrance. I don’t think they were as good as the GC offerings would have been, but I’ll take a cupcake anytime! Dan and I popped into Mike’s Pastry on our own to get some snacks for the weekend before catching our train. You can’t resist their cannolis. No, you really can’t. Don’t try.



A fun end to a good day. Tomorrow we deal with our food shopping and I have my terrifying post-fat kid day weigh in. Eep. Hopefully the walking around helped a little bit…


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