A day of fruit and veggies

After being pretty indulgent yesterday and Friday, I decided to refocus on counting my cals. and getting in as many healthy, vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables as possible! Being “snowed in” again helped me to think carefully about each meal I cooked. Okay, there really wasn’t much snow, but the meteorologists psyched everyone up and frankly, we were tired from our trips. We even hit up the new Wegmans in Northborough yesterday on our way back from our adventure down south (Gillette Stadium and shopping at Patriot Place, a first for me). We missed it from when we lived in Western NY a few years ago. It was utterly packed, and even just picking up a few things took almost an hour. They have an entire WAREHOUSE of beer and wine, from which Dan selected a “mix your six” pack of craft beers from all over the world. He loves some craft beer!

Anyway, I resisted everything except their mini cannolis, which are less than 100 calories each but a complete waste of that many, but how often do I get them?! Dan’s logic, actually. Last night, despite our rich lunch and this snack, I got really hungry and decided I needed to make stuffed French toast, but the healthy way. I read through some blogs that had variations and decided upon this recipe of my own:

Lighter Stuffed French Toast
3 slices “Very Thin” wheat bread
2 tbsp. neufchatel cream cheese
4 sliced strawberries
1 egg white
1-2 tsps. light maple syrup for garnish (optional)

Assemble the sandwich, layering one tablespoon of neufchatel and two sliced strawberries between each layer. Carefully dip in egg white, cook in skillet coated in cooking spray until browned on both sides. Top with syrup, if desired.

So for a pretty low calorie breakfast for dinner, it was decent albeit a little lacking in sweetness. I suppose I could have mixed Truvia or a little sugar into the cream cheese, but I figured I’d give it a shot without. This is how it came out:



This morning, I went back to my very thin wheat bread/chocolate PB2/sliced strawberries breakfast with my almond milk and truvia coffee. For lunch, I made Dan and myself my weekend lunch smoothie from Cooking Light, but doubled it up for two servings and used one cup fresh and one cup frozen fruit and no added ice. It came out a bright purple color and was delicious. Dan enjoyed it too, although he got to have a sandwich in addition.


For dinner, I was feeling ambitious…thus my choice of recipe from a new blog I found called Ambitious Kitchen! I decided to tackle her Black Bean, Sweet Potato, and Quinoa chili. I omitted the yogurt topping, cut the recipe in half, subbed low-sodium undrained petite diced tomatoes for the tomato sauce and reduced the quinoa to a 1/4 cup, which I allowed to cook in the broth (I used chicken instead of veggie because I didn’t have any veggie broth). I also didn’t have/want to use the chipotle tabasco sauce, so I put a dash of red pepper into the mix. It was a super hearty chili and Dan loved it (HUGE considering it was meatless).

I also discovered my creme brulee torch while cleaning the other day and wanted to try out a recipe I saw on Pinterest/Skinnytaste for Creme Brulee using Greek yogurt. I used about 1/2 cup yogurt for mine and the full amount for Dan’s, sugar-free raspberry preserves, and granulated sugar, as I had no turbinado. After a quick refill of butane and Dan’s help, I had an AWESOME dessert that did not taste light and that I would make again and again! High-protein, low calorie, and filling!



Dan manning the torch (I both fear and love it)


The finished product!



I’m full, happy, and I came in at my total calorie goal for the day while still eating full meals and feeling satisfied! Now, it’s time to watch the Oscars! Happy Sunday!



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