The difficulty of social situations

We’ve been out a LOT in the past week with different groups of people. I’ve also been consuming more purchased coffee than I should be. My bosses took a group of us out for a fancy lunch and they kept buying us rounds and seafood and they let us have dessert. It was rough, and I did skip the gym because I was a little lightheaded, but I did okay weight-wise. Dan and I visited friends for dinner and drinks last night (Happy National Margarita Day – one day late), and another friend for shopping and lunch today. I’m pretty sure a berry salad with brie all over it coupled with a 64 calorie beer still doesn’t count as healthy. I did resist Dan’s offer of Starbucks on the way home, and my own donut.

I caved and had a baby cannoli. They were singing to me from within the fridge. It’s probably not a good idea to be eating and drinking like this after just having gotten back under my “scary weight,” but you can’t be completely nitpicky in the presence of friends or you get kind of a reputation as a stick in the mud. I pretty much have that whether I’m dieting or not because of my low alcohol tolerance and penchant for going to bed at 10 o’clock at night, even on weekends. This coming weekend is going to be rough with my best friend visiting, and the following is another bar night for a friend’s birthday party.

I suppose all you can do is keep up with your gym regimen and try to be extra good on the days when you can make your own meals. I did do a little cooking in the form of a carrot, ginger, and apple soup (recipe here), which I did the calorie math on and decided was okay to eat. We also had a chicken butternut tagine (Cooking Light’s got that recipe) which Dan wasn’t crazy about, but then again, he’s been enjoying eating his favorite foods again and isn’t as interested in my healthy ones. The doctor cleared him for all foods again and he’s been feeling mostly fine, but he still has trouble drinking soda sometimes and other acidic foods.

The highlight was probably this Spiced sweet potato, spinach, and chickpea stew, which was written as a one-serving recipe, but makes a TON and can be easily made even lower calorie by being split into thirds. I also added a lot more spinach because we had it sitting around.

I don’t even think it’s worth posting the ugly photo of the soup or the chickpea stew that I took before hastily consuming them. I guess this’ll be a boring entry this week. Instead, you can enjoy a photo of the Chat Noir paintings Dan and I made during his birthday painting class! You have a beer and paint a “masterpiece.”



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