Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

Hi all! It’s Friday night and it’s been a heck of a week! Busy, busy, busy. I’ll start with my Dan update. We got a piece of good news today and it’s encouraging us to hope his ordeal will be over soon. We just need to wait for another test to come back and he needs to monitor his symptoms and sort of be a guinea pig (i.e. test out which foods annoy his stomach and try to find a pattern). He is very excited he’s going to be in good shape for his birthday tomorrow, and that his doctor cleared him to eat dairy (and pretty much whatever else he wants).

We celebrated with one of these tiny oreo/peanut butter pies my coworker brought in today. Well, I had a bite and he ate the rest.


Anyhoo, last weekend after we finally dug out of the snow, I made us some delightful Honey-Dijon Salmon with Roasted Butternut Squash, which I did out the calorie math on and deemed appropriate despite the website not listing it. I always find salmon doesn’t photograph too well and looks sickly and undercooked. It tasted great, though, and not too mustardy (I’m not a mustard fan). Any excuse to use up that butternut squash, too!


I discovered on my Monday morning weigh-in that I had gained back about 3 pounds. Even with the shoveling effort factored in, I ate a lot of cookie dough and sat around (not being able to do the gym Friday didn’t help either), and it caught up with me. I was determined to get back on track because this was a rough week (Valentine’s candy, etc. everywhere), so I hit the gym hard. Thankfully, the weight came back off quickly, and this morning I had lost it all and an additional 2 pounds. I pushed myself tonight, too. I had to skip last night because I wasn’t feeling too well (Valentine’s Panera, anyone), but I did indulge in a delightful chocolate-caramel oreo that my very sweet and thoughful co-worker brought back for me.


I also received some gorgeous tulips from Dan


We also ate Beef Tagine with Butternut Squash to use up the end of our squash, and had a Mushroom-Herb Chicken that fulfilled Dan’s almost-nightly request for “herby chicken” and “something with mushrooms.”



Last night, after our salads, I found it so hard to resist the peanut butter Lindt truffles I bought for Dan, so I decided to find a healthy dessert treat that would satisfy my sweet tooth. Cooking light to the rescue, once again! Greek Yogurt with Warm Berry Sauce was the perfect solution! I cut everything in fourths and subbed the mixed frozen berries I had and the result was perfectly sweet and just what I wanted!

Fresh berries look so pretty when they’re cooking!


The end result!


I’ll be making Dan a chocolate cake with “homemade” (aka canned with a mix in) peanut butter frosting for his birthday tomorrow, and I’m going to try and use either Greek yogurt or applesauce to lighten it up a bit! I’m also thinking of making it mini heart shaped cakes to make the portions more manageable. All in all, I’d say a successful week!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Dan! And everyone wish me luck when he drags me to Red Robin (gotta find something there I can actually eat)!


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