The calm before the storm

This could be my last opportunity to get a post in before things turn ugly around here. We’re right in the figurative eye of the Nor’Easter/blizzard/Snowmageddon that’s coming tomorrow. My job is closed, and I can’t do too much from home, so it’s kind of a wash for me. Dan, unfortunately, has to go into his office, at least for a while, and then he’s on call for the next week. Luckily, he only works about five miles from home, so if he does get dismissed, it shouldn’t take him too long. The grocery stores and gas stations were ridiculous tonight. Apparently, we have to gas up and buy all the bread to feel safe against the snow. I can’t even say that judgmentally – I gassed up this afternoon and we definitely bought bread, Chex Mix, and other less perishable snacks. I felt like a lunatic freezing milk and butter, but we got burned a few years back during that big fall storm that knocked our power out for days and spoiled everything in our fridge.

I’m back on track, up to this point, with my diet and exercise this week! It was PAINFUL to get back to the gym on Monday after almost a week off. Luckily, the “resolutions crowd” seems to be thinning, so it’s easier to get a machine, and you feel less judged with fewer people around. My vegan runner buddy joined me on Tuesday night, and we spent a torturous hour on something called the Arc Trainer. I actually googled what this darn thing was called because I hate it so much. It’s like the high knees exercise that I’m told sporty people do. For me, it’s leg burning and huffing and puffing while being stuck in front of the TV that plays Dr. Oz. Don’t get me started on him.

It’s effective, though, because I lost all the weight I gained being a lazy slug last week within two days. My stomach is absolute crap from the antibiotics, though. Every day, it’s a struggle at work to not hold my stomach and double over from the cramping. Thankfully, I only have about a day’s worth left and I’m DONE. Last night was pretty standard, just elliptical-ing by myself, and tonight vegan runner friend came with me again. We decided to get two hours in since we wouldn’t likely get back until after the snow was done. I’ll wait to see the results in the morning. I annihilated a Panera salad afterward.

Speaking of food, we did have dinner out two nights so far, but both nights it was salad! I also finally bought these little chia seed packets at Whole Foods called Chia Shots. I’ve been putting them in my lunch overnight oats, and they plump up and taste great while giving my meal an extra healthy kick! I’m looking for more recipes to use them in. Pinterest to the rescue! I tried to drink a probiotic juice from WF as well (to try and restore some of the good bacteria in my stomach — and yes, I’m eating yogurt to do that, too), but I couldn’t get over the smell of the apple cider vinegar in it and I dumped most of it. I did save the nice, thick glass bottle like a hoarder though. What?! It cost me $3.50.

Poor Dan is getting test after test back without any conclusions. We’re going into the city next week to have a more definitive test done, which will require his sedation and my accompanying him. Oh, did I mention he’s dairy restricted? He also might not be able to eat normally the night before the test, so out the window goes Valentine’s Day. The day after the test? Oh, just his birthday. Rabble rabble rabble. We’re both making the best of things, but it sucks sometimes. Anyhoo, I’m rambling, and you probably only want to see the photos of the stuff I made this week…right?

Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup I subbed almond milk for the half and half, so it’s not as creamy.



Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Cream Sauce
(I didn’t have a shallot so I used an onion, and canned mushrooms because our fresh ones got a little funky. Since Dan can’t have the heavy cream, I used soy milk. It was thinner and less creamy, but he loved it and it made just enough for him to have two portions and me to have one).


Non-vegetarian (note the irony of website) Channa Masala. I had like four boneless skinless chicken stir fry strips. I wasn’t wasting them!


And finally, here’s a photo of my strawberry Yasso Greek Yogurt Bar. Pretty delicious and only 70 calories!


Everyone stay safe and warm during the blizzard!


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