A week off

I can’t really count this week towards my weight loss goals or exercise regime. Monday, I was bitten pretty hard by my cat in my forearm. She basically wrapped herself around it, sunk her teeth and claws in and kicked me as hard as she could. She’s not a small cat and she’s very strong, so it hurt pretty badly and immediately looked swollen and terrible. It’s happened before, but it usually just goes away. Unfortunately, this time it just got more red and sore and swollen, and I ended up taking an emergency trip to the doctor for a tetanus shot and antibiotics. The antibiotics are making me feel a little off, and the tetanus shot definitely made my arm pretty sore.

I figured that was our drama for the week, but the next day Dan ended up going to his own doctor for some intestinal symptoms that resulted in him needing blood drawn and several return trips to the doctor and hospital in the next few weeks. I’m not going to elaborate on exactly what might be wrong with him, but it would definitely cause a big shift in our lifestyle and eating.

Long story short — I didn’t exercise much this week. I ate brownies a co-worker brought in for someone’s birthday, and I only cooked about one meal at home because we were running around to the pharmacy and store for supplies. Granted, the meals we did buy were just salads, mainly, but it felt bad to have to buy them and ignore all of the stuff we had in the fridge. There just wasn’t time and neither of us had the energy to cook or clean up.

I still have quite a few days left on my antibiotics and Dan has some rough days ahead, but I’m hoping this will all be over soon and we can get back on track.

It took a few days but I guess we’re good again…



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