From vegan to cannoli

(My lunch: harvest salad with a balsamic vinaigrette)


Yesterday was a great day. We got to sleep in a tiny bit, and we were able to help a good friend choose a new cat to adopt. It really was hard to go to the shelter and see all of those kitties in cages, but the place was so incredibly busy and we had to wait a long time for a room to play with the one she chose, that I was confident they would all be adopted soon. We can’t have a second cat at the moment, due to our living situation, but we’d love to have more in the future. There was a HUGE orange cat who may have been part Norwegian Forest Cat, and if he hadn’t already had several applications pending for him, I might have tried to get him. Seriously, he was that cool. Big, fluffy, and he looked like he could give Isis a run for dominance.

Our friend chose a seven month old leopard striped cat, who had been found a stray and then adopted by a family that ultimately couldn’t keep him. He reminded us of her cat who recently passed away from feline leukemia, and he seemed to take to her right away. And then Dan. But not me. That’s my luck, I guess. Animals do not immediately warm up to me in most cases. I think they feel the stress radiating off me and back away. I guess that’s why Isis is kind of a lunatic. She’s got a Type A personality and so do I. She clawed me this morning for bothering her while she tried to hop at the bathroom window. That, and the being part feral thing.

We ended up back at the vegan restaurant we visited a few weeks ago, armed with a coupon that had to be spent all in one sitting. I chose a Harvest Salad (which was a lighter version of the bowl I got last time). Dan got the Macro Bowl, and our friend got the Black Bean Bowl again. We each tried different teas, too. Mine was this awesome berry iced tea that I sweetened with a hint of stevia. We also tried their harvest carrot soup, which, being a raw restaurant, was only warmed to room temperature. I really didn’t expect it to be as hearty and filling as it was, but I was pleasantly surprised! We also decided to go for broke and order some of their desserts. The vegan tiramisu sounded like an oxymoron, but it was delicious and so beautifully plated, you’d never have known it was vegan! Our friend tried one of their date/coconut rolls and enjoyed it, too!

We moved to a tiny bakery nearby (that I had forgotten Dan and I had visited a few years ago), for some coffee and to warm up from our walk to the car. They had AMAZING miniature desserts in their bakery case and several coffee blends. Dan got a full-sized Boston Cream Pie “brick” (which made the little ones I made him look silly), while I had a mini eclair with the cutest little G-clef on it, and a mini cannoli. I figured that even though they were NOT health food, they were small, and I had only had bites of the tiramisu at the other place. Dan’s eating I can’t condone or try to justify. He just gets hungry and can’t resist. Tomorrow it’s back to our healthy eating after a trip to the store today for new supplies!

Coupled with the sunshine, the fact that we managed to do three loads of laundry after we got back from lunch/dinner, and a visit from Dan’s brother, it was a successful and happy weekend! I look forward to my friend getting to know her new kitty and having that companionship again! Hope everyone out there had a happy weekend, too!

Raw carrot soup


Delish berry tea


Vegan tiramisu and a date roll


How can you resist porcupine rolls, mini cannolis, and Boston Cream Pie?!



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