Finally Friday

It was another long week this past one. I think I say that every week, though, when it’s Friday and I want to collapse. I went to the gym every night except tonight (I wasn’t feeling 100% this afternoon, and I just kind of wanted to veg. at home with a movie or something), and got some good cooking done for our dinners! I also tried out several new overnight oatmeal recipes for lunch. I enjoyed the blueberry maple variation that I found via Pinterest on The Yummy Life. It wasn’t too sweet, and it gave me the satisfaction of having two whole teaspoons of light maple syrup. That’s big when you’re coming from a place where Friday night used to be apple crisp pancakes night. Sigh. I also tried the apple cinnamon, which I found to be far too sweet. Maybe if I made it again, I’d lessen the applesauce and the honey. I should also note that I did not have chia seeds, as it calls for, but I intend to pop to Whole Foods this weekend and grab some.

We had a fun range of dinners, too! I did some experimenting with salmon and ended up with spinach and salmon pitas (or mini pitas for me). I just cooked the salmon (seasoned with pepper and probably paprika and a pinch of salt and dill) on a foil lined and sprayed cookie sheet and then flaked it like tuna fish and put traditional pita fixings inside of it.

Pretty toppings!


Baking away…


Finished product!


We also had an oat and herb crusted chicken from one of my new cookbooks! I forgot to take a photo of it, but who knew a yogurt and spice mixture (yogurt in place of sour cream, which I did not have), could hold oats and parsley on chicken and bake up so well? I did manage photos of our steak with a coffee-pepper rub, which I made with a thin cut of meat and ground pepper, as I had no flank steak and no whole peppercorns. We had sweet potatoes roasted with a little bit of cinnamon as our side. Yum!

Close encounters of the blurry kind


I’m also pretty proud of these chickpea burgers with tahini sauce, although I did think the sauce was a little too strong, and I would use less tahini and more plain yogurt if I made it again. I only had vanilla yogurt on hand, which might’ve also altered the taste. The little chickpea burgers were pretty meaty and tasty on baby whole wheat pitas!

Who needs meat every night?


Next up? Relaxing this weekend and maybe the first actual baking I’ve done since beginning this project. Dan got a promotion and I was planning to make him something from my mini food cookbook, Tiny Food Party! I figure he can have one or two tiny desserts and then into my office the rest go! I was also lucky enough to win a free barre class off the ‘net, so I’m looking forward to scheduling that in an upcoming weekend! I’ll be sure to update with any “big game” cooking and any baking I do! I’m an addict, I just can’t quit. I CAN scale back the size and figure out healthier ingredient substitutions, though! Everyone can win!


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