Adventures In Vegan Cuisine

I took a couple days off from writing on here because I was at the gym all five night this week and I was completely beat when I got home. Thursday was the two hour workout from hell with my fitness buddy, who can run for two hours straight on a treadmill like it’s nothing. I suffered through an hour and then switched to the elliptical, which I probably looked foolish on because I was so done being there. I begged my hubby to bring home dinner, which he did, and I have never inhaled a salad so fast in my life. It tasted like I hadn’t eaten in a week. The next morning, I had shed all of the weight I gained being bad last weekend and then some, so I guess insane vegan runner friend has a point with the epic workouts.

Last night, I did an hour and twenty minutes, but I was burned out so it wasn’t super strenuous. We went to Whole Foods afterward to peruse their cheese selection (more for Dan than me), and so I could pick up a carton of almond milk to see if I like it. It tasted good in my coffee this morning, so thus far, it’s been good. We ended up at a Starbucks while waiting on a car repair and it took everything I had not to order a nice sugary drink. I just got their new Blonde Roast instead (ew), and was not impressed. Despite Dan’s hints about going out for breakfast, we finished our errands and had a nice healthy and fruit-filled breakfast at home.

My friend joined us for lunch at a brand new place this afternoon. It is called The Organic Cafe and they specialize in vegan and raw food. It took us 20 minutes to look through their huge tea and smoothie menu alone, (my friend got iced Moroccan Mint with honey, and Dan and I had iced Thai black tea, mine with Stevia, his without), and the food took longer to decide upon! The place was cute and cozy, and the waitress was so patient with us while we chose our meals. I got the Harvest Bowl, which had quinoa (one of the few things that is heated on their menu), spinach, cranberries, nuts, and other fun healthy components, and was topped with a squash curry “dressing.” The others chose a Black Bean Bowl and a Mexican Bowl. I tried Dan’s and it was delish! The portions were huge and made up for the price being a teeny bit steep. I took half of mine home to have for lunch tomorrow.

After a delightful trip to the Container Store for some new jars for my recent concoctions (including one for my homemade bourbon vanilla, which I started the week after Thanksgiving), we went to a self-serve frozen yogurt shop for some low-fat frogurt. My friend had never been so she was pretty impressed. Who can resist neon colors and a toppings bar (and seasonal flavors like eggnog, gingerbread, and hazelnut)?! I do feel a little guilty for indulging the sweet tooth, but I was sparing with the amount and I tried to choose mainly fruit for my toppings. I couldn’t resist the popping boba, though! That stuff’s amazing.

Who knows what next week holds for my exercise regime (maybe a fun class in town or with my friend) and which recipes I’ll be trying out next (I made roasted chickpeas last night for a snack and yogurt-dipped strawberries the night before, both recipes easily searchable on Pinterest, if you’re so inclined). I bought fresh salmon on sale today, too, so that’ll be tomorrow night’s meal. Hope everyone out there in internet land had a happy week and a relaxing Saturday doing something fun!

Roasted chickpeas with cinnamon and honey


Harvest Bowl and Black Bean Bowl


Self serve frogurt makes everyone happy!


Homemade bourbon Madagascar vanilla extract and the Jim Beam nip used to house the beans while it marinaded (sort of)




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