Side effects and withdrawal

Sunday night, I finally got around to making my green smoothie to take to work on Monday morning. I was pretty pleased with the taste: nice and light, citrusy, and not too spinachy, as I worried it might be. By Monday morning, it had thickened up quite a bit, but it was nice and cold. I brought it in my little travel cold cup and people at work were a combination of mystified at its neon green color or horrified I wasn’t drinking coffee. We are a very coffee driven office. Dunkin Donuts is pretty much our second home (I even bought a little ornament from there for our reception area Christmas tree this past year), and part of my new regime was to drink less purchased coffee and make more at home. We are also trying to save up for a real house, so not spending an extra $15 a week seems to make sense in the long run.

So no caffeine Monday, and green smoothie for breakfast. It was okay at first, but then it got warm and chunky because I couldn’t get it down fast enough. Then, I had some pretty bad pressure in my abdomen and I began getting a headache. I managed to muddle through at the gym for a little while, but I was in a cold sweat by the end of my routine, and I felt pretty awful for the rest of the night. Dan enjoyed his lovely chicken shawarma, which I thought came out quite well despite the fact that tahini has never been my thing, nor has Middle Eastern food in general. I couldn’t really enjoy it fully because I was so worn out from feeling gross all day.

I woke up this morning and the fallout from Saturday and Sunday’s junky eating seemed to be continuing. I gained back a bit, which sucked, and made me feel worse than I already did. The headache I had when I got up got worse as the day progressed. I had made some nice Stash Pumpkin Spice tea to drink with my toast (because I can’t run the coffee maker and Dan wasn’t around, sad), but that wasn’t doing it. I finally had to sort of beg a coworker to bring me a small iced coffee so I didn’t keel over. That seemed to have helped, but it also may have been placebo effect. In any case, I am definitely having him set up the coffee maker for me tonight so I’m not miserable again tomorrow. You can’t really go cold turkey on caffeine, or ingest that much spinach in one smoothie, I guess.

Tonight, after making up for yesterday’s slacking at the gym, I made some chickpea curry with brown rice for our dinner. I didn’t have enough yogurt, so I subbed in a nip of light cream cheese. I also added some diced chicken breast because we had half a pack and I didn’t want it to go bad. And my last batch of yogurt with the coffee flavoring went terribly wrong, did I mention that? It was overnight Sunday into Monday, and I left it in there for an extra hour after it was done because I didn’t hear the buzzer. It tasted like sour crap, and even though the consistency was the best of the batches yet, I chucked it all. What a waste. I’m looking forward to when my starter packets come in the mail so I can try again.

Next up? Hardcore gymming it (like two hour workouts), on Thursday and Friday with my gym buddy. Then, maybe a barre class or yoga this weekend with my other fitness buddy! Exciting things to look forward to! I also avoided eating a piece of the most delicious looking cake in the world the past two days at work, so go me!

Green smoothie, pre-blending


Green smoothie, post-blending but pre-making-me-balloony



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