The cheat day to end all cheat days

Yikes. I had a DAY today with my friends. Yesterday was a higher calorie, lower exercise day and it cost me. I gained back about a pound and was pretty bummed this morning. I decided to have a lower calorie breakfast this morning in order to give myself some room for lunch out this afternoon, but I wasn’t really expecting the wrench that was thrown into our lunch plans when the place ended up being closed on Sundays. Oops. We diverted to a little cafe that my friend whose apartment we were visiting likes to go to on her stressed out days. Their menu was mainly baked goods and coffee, so I went with an iced and a multigrain bagel with peanut butter. It was a big bagel and even though it was multigrain, it was still a bagel. And the peanut butter was not portioned out or natural. But, I figured, hey, you don’t have to eat all of it!

Then we ended up at a Lollicup tea shop. Oh my goodness, I LOVE lollicup. It’s bubble tea, if you haven’t had it, and there are several locations in and around Boston. I asked the girl at the counter which of the types of milk they offered was the lowest in calorie and she guessed soy, so I went with that and got a small. I usually get the taro milk tea but they were out, so I got an iced coffee flavored variety and boba. By the time we were all done, I felt like I got hit by a bus. I was queasy all the way home and got queasier when I actually looked up the calorie damage I’d done. Who knew the boba added almost 100 calories?! It’s like little gummy balls of nothing! I shudder to think of my weigh-in tomorrow morning.

The interior of Lollicup


Source of my shame


Tonight I will be eating a very small dinner and making Dan a nice spinach salad while I mix up my next batch of coffee flavored yogurt in my machine, and make my green smoothie for tomorrow! And my gym buddy asked me about the longest workout I’d be willing to do at the gym (we’ve been doing an hour and apparently he’d like to go longer and get in some strength training, etc.), so hopefully I can lose the weight faster! This just goes to show that it’s still hard for me to make 100% wise decisions and say no in the face of temptation. I think I’m getting better, but being home on the weekends with the food all around or out in a social setting with others eating is still a challenge.

Boston at sunset



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