Sunny Saturday Bliss

It’s finally the weekend! Even though it was a four day week, it felt like a ten day one. And last night was tough because it used to be our delicious takeout night. It also used to be an earlier night for Dan, but his schedule is switched and he works late and is on call for work a lot lately. It does leave me with more workout time after I leave the office, which is nice. My gym buddy wasn’t feeling well, so I was on my own on a Friday night. The “resolutions” crowd thinned throughout the week, leaving a better selection of machines. I had to work pretty hard to burn my usual amount of calories (as I’ve lost a couple pounds, hooray!), and I left pretty sore and tired.

After digging through our depleted resources (shopping day is usually today or Sunday), I made us some lighter turkey bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches for dinner. Dan’s was on a tasty English muffin (which I totally had for breakfast with some strawberries and Neufchatel cheese, nom nom nom), and mine was on my light wheat. Yeah, it was a carby day, but you do what you have to when it’s eight o’clock and you’re both starving. Dan doesn’t eat any pork products and hasn’t for almost six years, so we always have turkey bacon on hand. 35 calories for two slices isn’t bad! We also did out the math on our bagged grated cheeses and found that quarter cup for quarter cup, the six cheese Italian blend beats the parmesan. But I just went with the two teaspoon serving of parmesan to save a few calories (while Dan chose the glorious quarter cup of Italian blend…so melty and wonderful…). It was enough to get me through the night with only one snack because I was watching Downton Abbey on DVD and I mindlessly ate a mini raspberry sorbet. So sue me!

This morning, he bought us coffee for the first time this week from Dunkin Donuts and I made us some lovely Low-Fat Crepes and chose a selection of fillings from our stash. I was lucky enough to receive a crepe pan and flipper set for our wedding, which makes the process SO much easier! It’s like a super non-stick pan and a little wooden paddle that you flip them with. It’s the de Buyer crepe pan if you feel like you need one! We had some organic mixed berry preserves, fresh berries, Neufchatel cheese, and almond butter…well, that was my side. I left Nutella and Fluff closer to Dan. I can’t kill him with fruit ALL the time or he gets cranky and sneaky and cheats on his diet at work.

The simplest mixture of ingredients and a great pan makes a beautiful crepe:


Crepe filling “bar.” Yes, we eat all meals at the coffee table. We’re weird.


Today’s shopping trip will likely include picking up the ingredients for that green smoothie I mentioned a few days back, and lots of fresh produce. We finished up the second batch of yogurt (and I even gave a jar to a coworker who enjoyed it), so we’ll be mixing up a third pretty soon, too! Tomorrow, I’m going to have a nice healthy lunch and a day out with two friends from work, one of whom is my vegan workout buddy, and the other is my best work gal pal, who has lost more than 30 pounds this past year thanks to dieting, Zumba, yoga, and just generally overhauling her life. She and I are class workout buddies! I wish my gym did classes. Huge drawback to being broke and only having access to a cheap gym. Oh, well. Happy Caturday!



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