Gym Buddy!

It was really cold out today. Like, four degrees when I shuffled into work, cursing the winter, New England, the ice under my feet, the salt on my windshield…the list goes on. We had trouble with the system we use at work and couldn’t use it most of the day, which required me to hassle the support team as politely as I could, and stressed me out. I have to say, the toast/almond butter/strawberries breakfast and my homemade yogurt lunch didn’t do it today. Luckily, I had a friend from the office coming with me to the gym as my guest, which makes it a less lonely affair.

He’s a runner, a vegan, and just in better shape than me all around, so I try to take his advice about my running and clean eating. I can’t take all of it just yet, as he’s a very experienced runner and a truly hardcore vegan (I found out today he doesn’t even do almond or soy milk), but he’s a good consultant when I need one. We did a good workout on the treadmill for about an hour, and by the time I got home, I was freezing and pretty starving. I decided to go a little indulgent and make The Pastry Affair’s Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal (I even enlisted the hubs to stop for bananas on the way home).

Little oats, softening away


The finished product, thick and hearty

I did out the calorie math, and it comes in pretty close to 300 calories per serving. I think I must still be getting over my moderate aversion to bananas, because it wasn’t my favorite. They weren’t overwhelming, but I knew they were in there. I was also jealous of the delicious-looking butter slathered English muffin Dan was consuming as his “side dish” of sorts. Meh. Oh well, not one for the recipe binder. Did I mention I actually have one? It’s leftover from some horrible training I had to take at a former job, and I was so happy to be done that I flipped over the cover page and repurposed it.

Tomorrow is Friday, and then the weekend! The challenge will be resisting the free pizza we get every week at the office, and then figuring out a way to keep active this weekend (my gym is close to work, but not home, unfortunately). My friend is coming with me to work out again tomorrow night, which is nice, and the gym should be dead because most people probably have better things to do than sweat and mutter in a purple and yellow room on a Friday night, haha. I’d love to figure out how my new stevia baking blend substitutes in some yummy recipe! Goodnight all!


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