Happy New Year

Hi everyone!

I’m Meagan, and this is my first time blogging from my iPad! It’s definitely a departure from the laptop I was using before, but this little tablet is handy (and much more portable)! And I’ve just recently figured out how to use the little bluetooth keyboard we bought for this thing! It makes typing so much quicker! But enough about my electronics (unless you want to talk baking gadgets, which I an a HUGE fan of)!

The reason I decided to start a new blog on the very first day of 2013 is because, cliche as it might sound, I want to revamp myself this year. My goal is to get my weight back in check (aka lose 30 lbs. and be back where I was in college), get my exercise routine in line (I have a 5K for charity coming up at the beginning of May and I have never run for more than about two minutes in my whole life), and learn to adapt my cooking and baking to be healthier and lower calorie.

Joining me on this adventure is my husband of just over one year, Dan, and our Maine Coon/feral cat mix Isis (aka Kitty). We live just outside Boston and we both work full time during the week and make the most of days off and weekends! I’ve been cooking and baking since my grandmother taught me as a child, and I love nothing more than to bring something in for the people in my office to enjoy, or to a family holiday dinner for everyone to try! Dan and I dabble in other hobbies (his being video games, computers, and his beard. Seriously, he loves the beard), such as hiking and skiing (both recent phenomena), and I enjoy my knitting and other crafting.

As I mentioned before, I’m armed with a pretty full arsenal of kitchen tools. I love gadgets. I received a Breville mini pie maker for our first anniversary, a mini donut maker for a birthday recently, and an automatic yogurt maker for Christmas this past year. That’s not even the tip of the iceburg. Our apartment is very small and our kitchen can’t really contain all of my stuff, which is part of the reason we’re saving for a house. You know, that and it would be nice to have our own place where I wouldn’t feel guilty running the stand mixer after six o’clock at night.

Stick around if you want to find out how this year goes for us! Today, I hooked up my little pedometer (new from Target the other day), to see how many calories I burn puttering around on a day off. I started my new food journal yesterday, used my new iPod jogging armband at the gym last night, and made overnight no-cook oatmeal for breakfast this morning (courtesy of Lauren Conrad, who I love). Here is a link to LC’s yummy recipe for the oatmeal in case you want to try it out! It has so many of my favorite things, including cinnamon (I put it on or in as many things as I can)!

As soon as the jars for my yogurt maker are done in the dishwasher, I think I’m going to test out one of the recipes the machine came with and see how my usual Greek yogurt and blueberries lunch can become a homemade masterpiece. Until tomorrow!

Me and my beardy dude at a wedding this summer 🙂



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